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Hi I’m Azania Mosaka

Broadcaster, Journalist, MC, Podcaster, Brand Embassador, Philanthropist.


My Story

Azania Mosaka is a South African broadcaster, journalist, radio and television personality, businesswoman, producer, and philanthropist. Over the years, she has built a reputation as a trusted presenter, MC, brand ambassador, podcaster, and voice-over artist. Winner of the Style Award, Azania brings authenticity, professionalism, and warmth to all her collaborations.

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Professional History


Over her career, Azania has built a great reputation as a trusted Masters of ceremony and facilitator. She has successfully partnered with leading brands across various industries to bring their events to life. She has partnered with Barloworld, Standard Bank, Toyota, Discovery Health, JSE, ABSA, Netcare, Coca Cola and more. Azania thrives in conferences, gala dinners and awards ceremonies. What distinguishes Azania, is her ability to immerse herself in the client's business and agenda in order to deliver the objective masterfully. She is a consummate professional, with a broad range of knowledge and a deep curiosity. Eloquent, professional, relatable and elegant. 


Azania has delivered thought-provoking talks on stages from Johannesburg to Dakar on topics close to her heart.  She draws on her vast broadcast experience behind cameras and microphones and years of research as a content creator. She also draws from her personal journey as a professional media worker, mother, hiker, and breathwork practitioner. Her talks, whether inspired by personal events or lessons from the guests she has interviewed, leave audiences inspired to think and do things differently.


Saying goodbye to grind culture

Lessons from my guests

Glory after failure


Azania believes in the power of storytelling as a helpful tool for social  change, growing brand reputation and increasing shareholder value. She has taken her 20+ years of broadcasting experience into the world of podcasting. She offers a bespoke podcast service for brands that want to capture the attention of audiences, bake information into their memories, and forge close, personal bonds. She worked with leading brands such as Audi, Discovery Health and Amnesty International on amplifying their message through podcasting.


She also hosts her own podcast, Interiority, which focuses on the inner worlds and journeys of guests whose lives provide a lesson for us all. She believes we should tell our stories  so that others might see fragments of themselves.

Speaker Coaching

In any context, profession, phase, field, your ability to communicate what is inside your head will always set you apart from your peers. Speaker training gives professionals an edge in building their careers or public profiles. Azania has worked with professionals and entrepreneurs at various stages in their career to sharpen their communication skills.

Media Training

Too often organisational messages do not land as intended, or are very vague and misunderstood. This casts a poor light on the brand and can tarnish reputations as additional time is spent backtracking on what was already communicated to stakeholders. Learn how to land your message effectively and avoid these pitfalls with bespoke media training. Azania's media training course teaches you how to prepare for your media interaction, identify your organisations high level narrative, understand the traditional and digital media landscapes, select key messages most relevant to each role, master the "satisfy and steer technique" and gain experience with live simulations amongst other areas.


Azania has cultivated a long-standing confidence and intimacy with her radio and television audiences, many of whom follow her across her social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). The responsible use of social media is close to her heart. This has driven her to curate experiences and partnerships with brands in ways that responsibly serve her audience and partnering brands in amplifying their campaigns. She has successfully partnered in campaigns with Investec, Visa, Decorex and Disney+ among others.


Knowledge & Expertise

MC & Speaker


Speaker Coaching & Media Training



Typing on Computer

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop"



"Azania is a consummate professional and a great pleasure to work with. She commands the room and manages the cadence of the programme, speakers and the audience very well, while remaining agile when things did not go according to plan. I appreciated the level of preparation Azania put in to ensure she understood the objectives of the event."

Mooketsi Mocumi

Executive: Group Communication and Support


+27 74 181 8731

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